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What it's About: We want to to encourage, equip and mature believers in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Come Visit Us: Come worship with us, and join us as we seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

5 Means of Growth

The Bible
The Bible is God's word, letters to His children, containing promises and truths to live by. As we read His word, we begin to understand what God's will is. It's helpful to keep a pencil close by to underline any verses that are specifically meaningful to you, or are unclear to you.

Read one chapter in the Bible each day. Begin with the Gospel of John. (Gospel means "good news") (1 Peter 2:2, Psalm 119:105) 

Prayer is how we talk with God. It is our direct communication with Him. Invest time throughtout each day talking with God about anything and everything.

Pray to God everyday. Seeking His guidance for your life. (Philippians 4:6-7)


Worship is all about God. It encompasses everything we do. Whether we are sitting, standing, working or playing, eating or drinking, walking or driving, worship is an outward expression of God's importance and value in our life. It's the motivation behind how and why we live life.

Worship regularly with others in a church that teaches you the Bible. You have an open invitation to join us. (Romans 12:1)


Fellowship is a time where Christ followers come together to learn from God's word and for mutual encouragement: sharing in each other's pain and suffering as well as each others joy and victory. This lends itself to growth in our faith in God as we see how He works all this for our good.

Being involved with other Christians will help you grow in your faith. (Hebrews 10:24-25)


Witnessing is expressing to others the joy of what God has done in your life. How is life now different since Christ has come into your life? Share that! God has freely given us the gift of eternal life and out of obedience to Christ it is our privilege to share that with others.

One of the first Christ followers, Andrew, after first meeting Jesus immediately went to get his brother to introduce him to Jesus. We should follow in his example as we want to share with others who Jesus Christ is and how to know Him.(Philemon 1:6)